Freelance Film & Media Production
Production Manager (2002 – Present)
• Performed duties as a producer, production manager, project manager, and coordinator which included, crew formation, payroll, marketing, client relations, scheduling, and multiple-vendor coordination
• Working with budgets as high as four million dollars, managed budgets, vendors, expense logs, payroll, client and agency overage requests, and budget negotiations
• Coordinated and managed all call sheets, production reports, production calendars, shooting schedules, travel schedules all the while staying below the assigned budget
• Oversaw the hiring of crews up to 120 people per shoot; supervised all departments’ scheduling and budgeting; supervised casting and callbacks; booked and supervised travel for international jobs and the remote hiring of the crews and production companies; handled location releases and SAG talent contracts
• Freelance graphic designer, editor, and web designer; built product catalogs, brochures, mailers, media cover art works, commercial photography and commercial websites.
• Clients included: A&E, Hasbro, BBC, NBC, Yahoo, NFL, Home Depot, Fox Sports, NBA, U.S. Ad Council, Nike, American Airlines, Ford, and AT&T

Wondergrove Kids
Project Manager / Post-Production Manager / Technical Director (2013 – 2014)
• Produce and oversee the animation process and events with live animated characters, while working directly with CEO Terry Thoren, former CEO Klasky Chusco and creators of Rugrats and Wild Thornberrys
• Supervise and oversee all of the pre-production, production, and post-production for new animations, including writing scripts, set-design, graphic design, casting, vendor negotiation, equipment purchases and rentals, on-set directing, technical directing, puppeting, sound design, editing, visual effects, and distribution
• Produce, design, and edit sizzle reels for Wondergrove proof of concepts for live applications of the real-time animated characters; create cartoon episode’s using Wondergrove’s proprietary cre8ion software
• Create multimedia, web, and print materials to promote Wondergrove Kids to clients; created an online asset library using CSS and a custom-made jQuery .gif database to showcase Wondergrove’s animated character library
• Oversee the budgeting of events and episodes, scheduling, and team hiring; built an in-house green-screen studio space, including a lighting system, camera system, audio setup, and rigging

KD College
Film Production Professor – Advance Film Production Course & Film Budgeting and Scheduling Course (2012 – 2013)
• Taught and mentored students on all aspects of filmmaking from rewriting, pre-production, production, post-production, completion and delivery
• Prepared and guided students as they formed production teams to make a pre-selected Motion Picture Production Final Project, one of which was sold to the Texas Education System to educate students on the damaging effects of bullying

Sinclair Broadcasting
National/Regional Sales Assistant KBFX, KBAK, and NBFX (2014 – 2015)
• Process, maintain, and review all national sales orders, revisions, cancelations, and make-goods, in addition to processing and maintaining new client and agency information and credit applications.
• Work closely and communicate with the National Sales Manager, GSM, National Agencies, Traffic, Sales Reps, and other station departments
• Work with Local Sales, AE’s, Buyers, and the Traffic Department to expedite and generate make-goods for preemptions within 48 hours from the time of preemption, utilizing avails, rates, negotiations, coordination of clients, while working closely within a team to efficiently manage client, buyer, and sales communication.
• Maintain delivery of daily sales & preemption reports, skims, pre and post logs, as well as credit adjustments.
• Provide the Credit department with completed and signed sales forms, contracts, and an explanation for the discrepancy
within the desired timeline.
• Facilitate timely resolutions of discrepancy problems with the Account Executives, Traffic Managers, and Credit Managers.

Think Media 
Creative Producer (2009 – 2010)
• Collaborated on the development of several projects with Tim Harman (former head of production at Cyclops NY), Brian Boigon (Professor of Information Architecture and Cultural Theory at the University of Toronto), Chuck McBride (Creative Director and Owner of Cutwater San Francisco), and Walter Yetnikoff (former President of CBS Records)
• Produced large-scale Think Media projects; handled new client relations; prepared, designed and produced proposal decks and pitches; created the Think Media employee handbook, employee contracts, and Rules of Conduct
• Worked closely with the directors of other divisions, including the music division, technology division, and the publishing division to develop vertical integration strategies
Selected Film Credits