Tony Finley

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

a little about....


I have over 15 years of Production experience and have worked all over the US and the world. I have a Bachelors Degree in fine arts from the University of Texas at Arlington, where I not only studied film and production, but photography, art, graphics design, computer engineering. Additionally I earned a minor in business administration.

The sometimes overlooked value of my various career paths is that I am uniquely well rounded, experienced, and well educated in many different fields from film production, project management, animation, photography, web and graphic design, sales, and post production just to name a few. I thrive under pressure and love multitasking. I am a person who will not panic when confronted with an obstacle, having the confidence to know that any problem can be solved with enough creativity and determination.

Contact Info

17 Elmwood Park
Braintree MA 02184

Where I am from

Originally from a small town just outside of Arlington TX. After graduating college in 2005 I moved to Los Angeles in 2008. I moved to Boston in 2016 where I currently reside, but I am still not opposed to traveling the world.